Characteristics of OnDesk

A revolutionary concept for buying and selling either or both products and services which have a price fluctuation constraint.

A re-defined path where traders bid for the product or service you require, such that you get the best value for your money.

Localized Bids

Why prefer products or services that are state apart when the best is near you?

Verified Traders

Every trader bidding to provide your requirement is verified, hence security is assured.

Customized Bids

Every unique bids are hidden from other merchants to avoid competition and reduced quality.

Rated Sellers

Seller ratings based on experience and user reviews provide you with an option to judge.

Service Industries

OnDesk has been expanding its category base and soon is to establish a wide market. The available Industries involved with us are

Travel & Tourism


Household Appliances

Industrial Products

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How do we redefine shopping experience?

Technology as of today is the result of constant simplification of human labor and OnDesk takes it to the next level. Comparing how tasks would be done with and without OnDesk will be evident on how trading has been transformed.

Taking a vacation to your dream destination requires great research, above all finding the right vacation package and transportation agency takes a toll.

With OnDesk it is simpler than ever. Open the App - Write in your vacation outline - Experts in your field come together with best quotes. Why search through the entire market when the entire market approaches you?

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A Ticket to boost your sales!

There isn’t anything more simple, elegant, plain and positively business oriented application that could push forth your business to clients. With an opportunity to woo your customers with great deals, OnDesk gives you a wide network.

Verified Customers

All registrants are phone verified.

Local Sales

Localized business deals.

Bid Notifications

Custom notifications every time a customer requests.

Greater Sales

Additional sales generation.

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OnDesk has redefined the way customers have been approaching traders for their needs. With not more than just typing in your requirement in our App, we line up traders to give you the best rates for your requirement.

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You are a download away from experiencing a redefined business.